At Ernesco we understand our role as sponsors of industry and commerce in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and we take that role seriously. Our services are in keeping with that function. Our philosophy is therefore reflected in the complete listing of support services we offer to the industrial and commercial sectors.

Shipping Freight Tug and Barge


Shipping Agents:

We function as shipping agents, handling all matters pertaining the vessel and crew, as well as taking full responsibility for your cargo, overseeing and tracking is movement from point to point, ensuring that all documentation is in order, and providing timely feedback to you the client. In addition, we ensure that supporting documentation, work permits and matters such as temporary residence are given priority.


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Freight Forwarders:

We supervise the loading and off loading of heavy lift, general, containerized and bulk cargo. All of the areas of activity require excellent on-the-spot decision-making and impeccable organizational and interpersonal skills.


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Tug and Barge Services:

Initially used to facilitate seismic surveys off the East Coast of Trinidad, our Tug and Barge services have become a full-blown effort to customers of the Caribbean and South America .


Tugs Barges Crawlers

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