Ernest Ferreira

Ernest Ferreira established Ernesco in 1979 after contributing at least thirty-nine years to the development of the shipping industry in Trinidad and Tobago . He began his career with one of the most prestigious British lines and proceeded to build on that experience by working with a highly respected American-based heavy lift shipping company which operated in the West Indies and South America . He later moved to Alstons Shipping. The business of both of these organizations focused on the movement of heavy equipment in major expansion and development projects in the energy, industrial and petro-chemical sectors in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ernest's experience with these two companies and the relationships he cemented as a manager facilitated the establishment of his own business. While his company is aggressive in pursuing business clients, Ernest has also invested his company with his philosophy, his energetic spirit and his heart which has allowed him not only to gather, but keep a strong clientele. His presence in the industry, particularly in its embryonic stages in the newly independent Republic of Trinidad and Tobago , allows him to command the respect of the longer established companies which have a reputation for meticulously selecting contractors whose approach to serving customers harmonizes with theirs.

With his diverse staff who has a passion for excellence, Ernesco has proven to Trinidad and Tobago’s Shipping industry that it is capable of handling any challenging project given to it by both its international and local clients.